Day 16-21 Dad goes lone boating.



For this post I am going to transcribe the text message conversation between my dad and I for the week he was boating alone…

Friday 9th October

LEWIS: Got away at 12.30ish, just parked at Oundle Marina. Gear box problem at Ashton Lock (stuck in reverse) managed to fix it myself. Will decide tomorrow whether to stay on our go home.

AMBER: Oh well done Dad! That sounds stressful being stuck in reverse.We are good in Venice having food. Hope tomorrow goes okay let me know what you decide. Hope gearbox problem is not recurring?

Saturday 10th October

LEWIS: Now at upper Ringstead lock, moored to the riverbank as no 48s visible. Boat doing fine, but can’t find anywhere to get diesel. Not run out yet but worry for tomorrow. Hope Venice is well. Will text 2morow.L X

AMBER: Okay, glad boat going okay. Have you used the spare jerry can we bought before leaving? Hope you find somewhere. I vaguely remember someone saying it’s really not good to let it run dry?! Venice good seen lots of art! Good luck for tomoz. A x

Sunday 11th October

LEWIS: Hi Amber, over nighting in Wellingborogh tonight. Fuel problem solved twice. 24 hour tesco across the road, filled 2 cans, then fuel boat came by put 80 litres for £60 – should get us most the way home. Sunny again today, Northampton tomoro. L


AMBER: Yay! Good news all round then! So good you will be in Northampton tomorrow – well done. Glad to hear the weather has held out for you.

Monday 12th October

LEWIS: Not quite N’Hampton – in the outskirts. Fixed broken cooling pipe this morning. Loads of steam. Tomorrow the canal. Saving phone battery for weds, thurs. Hope u got home safe, C u soon. L x


AMBER: Hi. Oh dear about broken cooling pipe?! Glad you almost on the canal. Does that mean you’re staying till thurs or coming home weds? We still plan to get there thurs eve. Are you able to charge phone from 12v using croc clips when boat moving? Be good to have a phone convo. We home safe. Just going to pick up Tam now. A x

LEWIS: Hi Amber, phone batt dodgy, but there is a pub again so may ring later. Im at the top of the run of locks at Long Buckby just before Norton Junction on a 48hr mooring, with useful stuff near by. Main rd access and parking about 50m away. C u here tomoro!L

Postcode is NN6 7PW, The New Inn, Long Buckby.

And that is where we found him ready to handover to James, Tam and I for our little family stint..and that is a whole different story! Till next time xx


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