Day 7 – 14: Mal and Dave stuck in Elton with Cliff the mechanic!


Arrived on beautiful sunny morning to the picturesque village of Elton with the knowledge that the boat had broken down but could be repaired . We were met by Lewis and a man on crutches who surprisingly turned out to be the mechanic, also reunited with our gorgeous grandson Tam. Going nowhere that day we settled in and then ate out in the local pub.  By lunchtime the next day we knew we were going to be staying in Elton till at least Friday, we said goodbye to the crew who knackered the boat (only joking) and lit the log burner for a cosy evening on board.

Spent Thursday at Woolsthorpe the home of Sir Isaac Newton and of course Dave had to have a photograph taken with an apple on his head, from the original tree.

Another log fire that evening but things were getting serious we now had no battery power or water but were looking forward to the boat being repaired the next day.  The mechanic ‘hopped’ on board the next day but proceeded to tell us that the starter motor and alternator needed attention and the exhaust needed replacing, and he could not do this work till the following week.  We were gutted that we weren’t able to make progress with the boat and returned home to Cardiff that night.

IMG_0341 IMG_0343 

We had however, met some really nice people John and Cath who had built their lovely boat from scratch from sheet metal and showed us round it very proudly, we offered to swap boats but they didn’t seem to think it was a good idea!

Arrived home in Cardiff disappointed but very much looking forward to our next visit when we hope to sail somewhere!



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