The Boat Studio moves.

This is my first ever blog. Bear with me. I don’t have a flair for this writing malarky!

In a couple of days The Boat Studio, a boat formerly known as The French Connection, will be making her way on a journey along some of the country’s finest waterways before mooring for the winter on the Gloucester – Sharpness Canal.

When there, she will undergo a transformation to become what we envisage as The Boat Studio; a multi adaptable space suitable for artists, writers and musicians to residency in during the summer months.

I can’t quite believe that we have got this stage already!

This idea has been floating around my head since I was a teenager. At art school, during lunch hours, I supped tea with friends and day dreamed about what creative projects we might embark upon when we finished uni. Over time The Boat Studio went from being a nice idea to a firm intention.

Last year artist Ellie Young and I launched a crowd funding campaign to buy a boat and have since been raising money in all manner of ways..Merchandise selling, Painting portraits (check em out at gigs, stalls, and art auctions.

And now, with LOTS of support from family and friends, we actually own a boat.


And now we have to move it at 4mph across a large chunk of the centre of the UK.

This is one of the ways I want to document this voyage – a now I am a blogger..pfft!

Thankfully you’ll be hearing from a variety of voices over the next few weeks as everyone involved on the big move will be updating the blog as they journey along the waterways…providing we don’t sink or get stuck in a lock or all fall ill with Weil’s disease.

On Wednesday 23rd, as in 2 days time, ohmygod ohmygod, Ellie, Lewis, me and baby Tamlin will head down to prepare our boat for the trip.

On the morning of the Thursday 24th we set sail.

Or rather start the engine hold the tiller and chug along – very slowly.

I am nervous but very very excited. My almost two year old son is coming along for the ride which both amuses and terrifies me. I don’t know how this little ball of curiosity and exploration will take to being confined to a narrow lump of steel for long stretches. I will have a bike for escaping and the countryside along the river or canal will be our playground..and ducks..(yay for ducks!) will surely be a hit.

I have no idea how its going to work or even if it will work. I’m positive things will go wrong along the way and our new purchase will surprise us with quirks we haven’t even imagined. But it will also be an epic adventure so please do follow us as we bumble along with it!

Ooh the next installment will be from the cabin!

Till then!


Dates of TBS maiden voyage:

September 23rd-30th: Amber, Ellie, Lewis and Baby Tamlin will take the boat as far as Northampton.

30th-7th: Dave and Mal Charlton will take it possibly as far a Stratford- Upon-Avon.

7th-14th: Lewis Mottram and someone else will take it to Gloucester.

canal boat on white


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